The Hooky Party

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The Hooky Party
A novel that combines street smarts with a morality lesson The Hooky Party is set in 1990 during the final days of the senior year at JT Samuel, a predominantly black public high school in Brooklyn, New York. Upon learning the new principal has cancelled their beloved Senior Cut Day, seniors Marc Price and Michael Starkes plot to throw a huge Hooky Party as an act of defiance. With the aid of their buddies, Anthony and Horace, they hatch a plan that looks flawless. But looks can be deceiving.

Can they pull off the party of the year, a social event that somehow manages to bind the class nerds, the cool, the jocks and the thugs together in harmony … and not get caught?
A light-hearted mixture of caper and conscience, The Hooky Party is a serious-but-funny look into the lives of African-American teens that uses a lively cast of characters to explore friendship, loyalty, true love, and learning to take responsibility for decisions.

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