The Hooky Party & JT Samuel Chronicles

Grab your book bag, have your student ID ready and step through the doors of JT Samuel High School in Brooklyn, New York. Be on your guard because in this school, anything can happen.

You’re being transported back to the late eighties and are about to follow the lives of two graduating classes and the students in them. You’ll see how friendships are as important as GPA’s and falling in love is as complicated as a mathematics midterm as the students try to find their place in the world. Not everything they learn will be in a book, but no life lesson will be ignored.

JT Samuel Chronicles

Meet some of the students that attended JT Samuel High School and read their tales of trials and tribulations,



The Hooky Party
A novel that combines street smarts with a morality lesson The Hooky Party is set in 1990 during the final days of the senior year at JT Samuel, a predominantly black public high school in Brooklyn, New York. Upon learning the new principal has cancelled their beloved Senior Cut Day, seniors Marc Price and Michael Starkes plot to throw a huge Hooky Party as an act of defiance. With the aid of their buddies, Anthony and Horace, they hatch a plan that looks flawless. But looks can be deceiving.

Can they pull off the party of the year, a social event that somehow manages to bind the class nerds, the cool, the jocks and the thugs together in harmony … and not get caught?
A light-hearted mixture of caper and conscience, The Hooky Party is a serious-but-funny look into the lives of African-American teens that uses a lively cast of characters to explore friendship, loyalty, true love, and learning to take responsibility for decisions. – Buy the novel here


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