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Marc L Abbott is an award-winning African American writer from Brooklyn, NY.

Growing up, Marc was often in trouble in school for writing short fiction in his notebooks instead of paying attention to lessons in class. But it was clear his love for writing would lead him down a literary path.  

He self-published his first novel, A Gamble of Faith, in 2004, after a successful 3 year run of the play (which he wrote and directed for the New York City stage) of the same name. He would go on to publish the YA novel, The Hooky Party, in 2007 and then the children’s book, Etienne and the Star Dust Express in 2012.

In 2013 Marc switched gears and turned to writing horror, a genre he’s loved since being introduced to it by his father as a kid. The move paid off and since then, he has published numerous short stories which include “Welcome to Brooklyn, Gabe” which is featured in the Bram Stoker nominated anthology New York State of Fright and “A Marked Man” featured in the Hell’s Heart horror anthology. In 2019 he co-authored Hell at the Way Station, which he won two African American Literary Awards (Best Anthology/Best Science Fiction). The sequel, “Hell at Brooklyn Tea“, was released in January 2021.

His goal as a writer is to evoke fear and dread through quality fiction featuring strong characters, plots, and terrifying premises. His writing will feature new and original monsters of his own design. Contributing to the genre new terrors for not only himself but for future horror writers to build on.  

When he’s not writing, this Moth Story Slam and Grand Slam winner can be found performing storytelling throughout the borough of Brooklyn and curating a monthly storytelling open mic called Maaan, You’ve Got To Hear This!

About Marc’s Other Works

Maaan, You’ve Got to Hear This is a monthly storytelling show hosted by Marc L Abbott. A combination of booked performers and open mic, storytellers tell true stories that range from hilarious to poignant. For more information join the Maaan Facebook page.

Marc L Abbott has written and directed several short films. His horror short, SNAP, has been an official selection in several film festivals including the Coney Island Film Festival and the New York State Horror Film Festival. Check out this and his other works on his YouTube channel – Who is Marc L Abbott?

Marc L Abbott is a co-host on the podcast Beef, Wine and Shenanigan’s. Each week he and fellow writers, Steven Van Patten and Kirk Johnson discuss all things geek from films to television to books. Special guests often drop by and join them for an hour of laughs and great conversation. Beef, Wine and Shenanigans is available on Soundcloud.

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