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Novelist – Playwright – Storyteller

Hell at the Brooklyn Tea Available Now!

Welcome to WiMLA

Hello. Thanks for taking time to stop by. Here you can find all of my titles, learn about my upcoming releases and appearances. You can also subscribe to with your email to get updates and news sent directly to you. Scroll down, click on the menus and find out who is Marc L Abbott.

My Mission

My goal is to evoke fear and dread through quality fiction featuring strong characters, plots, and terrifying premises. I want readers to be entertained as horrors, both familiar and new, are presented to them in stories that keep them hooked to the very end.

The Horror Work

The Hell Series

Hell at Brooklyn Tea, book two in the series, is available January 2021. Book one in the series, Hell at the Way Station is the award winning horror collaboration that blends short stories with an over arching storyline. (Available under books in the menu)

Short Stories

Check out these anthologies that include my short stories:

Empire State of Fright

Hell’s Heart: 15 Twisted Tales of Love Run Amok

Anthorrorgy Series

A collection of short films written and directed by Marc L Abbott. (Available through the menu)

The Earlier Work

Check out my earlier titles before I started writing horror.

Take a trip down memory lane with the coming of age novel The Hooky Party.

Both are available now. For more information click the links in the menu bar.

See the world through a child’s eyes in the children’s book Etienne and the Stardust Express.


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