Marc L Abbott is a African American Literary Award winning novelist, playwright, short film director and storyteller. His written works include the stage plays A Gamble of Faith and Three Isn’t a Couple, the YA novel The Hooky Party and the children’s book Etienne and the Stardust Express. His other credits include being a contributing writer for The Cocktail Guide of the Galaxy, Hell’s Heart and the New York State of Fright horror anthology.

The anthology, Hell at the Way Station, is the 2019 winner of the African American Literary Award for Best Anthology/Short Story Collection and Best Science Fiction.

His short horror film, Snap, has been in the indie festival circuit, picking up several official selection nods at The Coney Island Film Festival, Macabre Faire Film Festival and the New Jersey Horror Con Film Festival. His other films include A Fly on the Wall, 

For his work in front of the camera he has starred in Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead, Endangered and Impervia where he has been nominated three times for best actor in short film.

He is a 2015 Moth StorySlam and GrandSlam winner and has been a featured storyteller at Tell It: Brooklyn, The Dump, What Are You Afraid of, Barbershop Stories, RISK! and BadyHOUSE Storytelling Concert Series. He hosts his own monthly storytelling show in Bushwick, Brooklyn called Maaan, You’ve got to hear this! He currently has two one man shows under his belt Of Cats and Men: A Storytellers Journey and Love African American Style.

He is a member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA).

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, he still calls the borough his home.

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