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Novelist – Playwright – Storyteller

Hell at Brooklyn Tea

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Hell at the Brooklyn Tea Available Now!

Greetings and welcome to my website, WiMLA. I write and tell stories of horror and the macabre, but don’t let that scare you. Please, take a look around, browse the menu and take advantage of all there is to see and read. You’ll want to pay special attention to the newsletter and Did You Know. By all mean, venture further if you dare and subscribe for the most up to date information.

My Mission: My goal is to evoke fear and dread through quality fiction featuring strong characters, plots, and terrifying premises. I want readers to be entertained as horrors, both familiar and new, are presented to them in stories that keep them hooked to the very end.


The Hell Series: Hell at the Way Station


Hell at Brooklyn Tea

Blending short stories with an over arching storyline, Hell at the Way Station and Hell at Brooklyn Tea tells the exploits of three demon hunting horror writers who, by combining their storytelling and supernatural abilities, fight to keep dark forces from entering this world. (Available under books in the menu)

Anthology Contributions

  • New York State of Fright – Welcome to Brooklyn, Gabe
  • Hell’s Heart: 15 Twisted Tales of Love Run Amok – A Marked Man
  • Hell’s Mall: Shop till you Drop – Djinn in Tonic
  • Under Twin Suns: Alternate Histories of the Yellow Sign – Order of Wilde

Anthorrorgy Film Series

A collection of short films written and directed by Marc L Abbott.

(Available through the menu)


Disturbing. Nightmarish. Insightful. Revealing.

Check out these blogs in the menu for a deeper dive into my world of horror.

DID YOU KNOW – Discover the origins of some of my most frightening creations and the truth behind their real word counterparts. Through a mix of storytelling and research, this blog will leave wondering what’s worse, fact or fiction.

THE PHOBIA OF – What are you afraid of and why? This blog delves into the phobias that feed the nightmares within my work. From things that crawl to things that hide in the shadows, find out what triggers my fears. . . and yours.


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