Film Work

A Collection of independent films written and directed by me.


Snap- Three friends discover more than containers and old clothes in a dusty basement when they are picked off one by one by something lurking in the furnace room.


A Language Deciphered – A horror writer unwittingly unleashes something sinister.



Being Followed – A young woman is followed by a stranger after a visit to a cemetery.


Impervia (Coming in 2017) Teaser Trailer


Baggage (2014) is a new short film from me and Jelani Sinclair. Rodney tries to make sense of Marie bringing multiple bags for a two day trip.

Program: Interrupted (2014) is a short film written and directed by me, edited and filmed by Jelani Sinclair. It tells the story of Rodney, a man who just wants to watch his show but his wife, Marie, has a lot to say about the situation.

Program Interrupted from Marc Abbott on Vimeo.

In 2001 A Fly on the Wall marked the first film to be completed and sent to competition. Unfortunately, due to its length, festivals found a hard time placing it. So until recently, the film has sat on my shelf. You can now view it at the link below.

A FLY ON THE WALL – As a group of friends await the arrival of their good friend to celebrate his anniversary, they open up to one another about love, life, relationships and struggle to make sense of it all.

A Fly on the Wallpt1 from Marc Abbott on Vimeo.

A Fly on the Wallpt2 from Marc Abbott on Vimeo.

A Fly on the Wallpt3 from Marc Abbott on Vimeo.

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