Interviews and Press

DECEMBER 2020: The Haunting Season Interview – Demons, Ghosts, and Killer Yams from Outter Space! This episode Cody and Josh interview horror author and anthology innovater Marc. L. Abbott. They discuss demons, both physical and metaphysical, talk about local haunts, and find out what happened when Marc was told “your characters are too urban”.

Nightlight Podcast – A reading of my short story The Foreclosure

AUGUST 2020: Between Awesome and Disaster with Will Carey -Storyteller and Moth Grandslam Winner Marc Abbott begins this episode with the story of the time we worked security at a Tupac Concert in Atlanta.  Then he tells Will about meeting a surprisingly down to earth Michael Jackson, growing up in Brooklyn, how big an impression Star Wars made on him as a child, studying film, the moment he realized he had to make his own path in show business, self publishing, and how a storytelling show at his local bar led to him Winning the Moth Grandslam, developing solo shows, and how he and Will may be doing socially distanced shows in Tents until the pandemic ends.

Black Horror Writers, Filmmakers turn Genre on it’s head ( Interview)

The Witch Haunt (Pre Stokercon 2019 Interview)

Speak Up, Rise Up Storytelling Festival/ In It Together  – Art Fuse press on my 2017 performance at the storytelling festival.

Interview with Katherine Heller on her podcast Tell the Bartender