Anthorrorgy: The Series

Welcome to Anthorrorgy: The Series. In the coming months I will be bringing you terrifying shorts based on stories that I have written. Anthorrorgy: The Series gets its name from my collection of horror stories which will be coming back to shelves early 2016.

The series features the talents of Omar Holmes, Lindsey Marks, David Uscinski, Jelani Jefferies, Ally Farzetta, Marc L Abbott and Michael Barksdale. Check out the trailer for the series and keep an eye out for a new addition to the series every other month.


Episode One – A LANGUAGE DECIPHERED – Based on the short story by Marc L Abbott, a writer looking to make his next novel a very edgy horror story, creates a new language for the protagonist. But he soon discovers its a huge mistake and seeks the help of his good friend to help him fix his problem. Starring Jelani Jefferies and Marc L Abbott.

Episode Two – ESCAPE OF THE ARCHNEMESIS – Based on the characters from The Dead Syndicate: Trial of the Archnemesis, a former angel of Virtue escapes the depths of Hell. But does he have the strength to keep running when Satan and his minions give chase? Starring Omar Holmes and David Usinski

Episode Four – Being Followed – While visiting a cemetery, a young woman cuts her finger on a headstone. She is then followed by a shady character carrying a metal rod. But is he just a creep or is there a reason why he’s targeted her? Starring Lindsey Marks and Steven Van Patten

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