Oral Storytelling Workshop at Horror University only at Stokercon 2023

With less than a week away until Stokercon 2023, I’m excited to announce that I will be running a workshop for Horror University.

Using Oral Storytelling Techniques in Horror Fiction – This unique workshop will look at how horror writers can utilize their oratory skills to help both write and tell horror stories. It will explore three main topics. Effectively Reading Your Work: When reading to an audience, how do you give life to the words on the page? What techniques such as pacing, voice pitch, and vocal characterization will keep listeners engaged while you tell your story. What can you learn about good writing from reading you work out loud? Conversations with Your Characters: Characters are more than creations in a story or names on a page. They speak to writers and tell us where the story should take them. Writers will learn how to talk to their characters one on one and step into the scenes with them. Without Words: Storytelling doesn’t exist only on the page. Writers will learn how to abridge their work in order to tell it without the written work before them and how this can help their writing process. Learn how to “perform” using your voice on and off the page.

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