Etienne and the Stardust Express

From author Marc L Abbott and Illustrator Taran Lopez comes a delightful children’s story about a boy and his dog.

Etienne is a boy who loves trains. While playing with them in his home, he imagines each room is a European destination. When the family dog, Cajun, expresses her sadness in not being able to to share in his journeys, Etienne assures her that she can. Cajun is so happy that, without looking, she collides with Etienne’s mom who in turn spills glitter all over Cajun. Covered in glitter, Cajun gets hold of Etienne and they run through the house and around the world. Passing famous sites in New York, France and Italy, they share an afternoon of adventure without ever leaving home.

Etienne and the Stardust Express is available through BookBaby. Look for it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in September 2018.