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A Message from Marc Abbott

Welcome to the first edition of my newsletter The Chiller. Each month I’ll be bringing you updates on my work, suggestions on horror films you should see and a monthly tip on writing horror and self-publishing. Look for announcements on where I will be appearing in the coming months and my take on some of my favorite writing tools.

Novel Announcements

I am excited to announce that the next chapter in the Hell Series is now out. The anticipated sequel to the award-winning anthology Hell at the Way Station, Hell at Brooklyn Tea, is available for Kindle and print. Hell at Brooklyn Tea picks up shortly after the events at the Way Station with Steven and Marc surviving their ordeal against an ancient demon. But their actions attract an even more formattable foe, forcing them to call in a new ally to the fight as they craft more terrifying tales to tell.

Authored by myself, Steven Van Patten and new comer, Kirk Johnson, this exciting and terrifying sequel is sure to please fans of anthology horror. You can purchase copies through my bookstore

Chilling Cinema to Check Out

Wrong Turn (2021) – A franchise that started in 2003, Wrong Turn has had 5 sequels that have relied heavily on the same tropes and cast of villain’s going forward. And like many horror franchises, there comes a point where a reboot happens in order to refresh the storyline in order to draw in new audiences as well as give the loyal ones something to be excited about. The newest entry does just that.

While keeping with the concept of a crazed family living in the Appalachian Mountains attacking hikers, this version gets away from the cannibalism and gore of its processors and gives us a new and disturbing take. It doesn’t rely on shock and blood but rather tension and unsettling images that we love in horror.

This time around, hikers are cross paths with a community who have lived in the mountains for hundreds of years. Their way of life is primitive, including their style of hunting and how they handle outsiders. But it is their brand of justice that is truly terrifying and when the hikers make an error in judgement after crossing their paths, that’s when the real terror begins.

The performances are solid, the tension is strong and the ending is one you won’t see coming. Wrong Turn is currently showing on Showtime & Showtime On Demand. If you you’re a fan of the franchise, this is a breath of fresh air. If you have never seen any in the series, give this one a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Horror Writing Tip of the Month

Write what scares you. You’ve heard the term, write what you know? Well, that certainly applies with horror. Everyone is afraid of something including you. And I don’t mean your favorite dream demon or vampire. I’m talking about that thing that makes you cringe just by the mention of it’s name. Me? I terrified of cockroaches. The scare the daylights out of me. While I know they don’t attack people, the mere sight of them makes me run. Imagine what I could do with them in a horror story. Don’t worry if the thing that you fear has been in stories before, your job is to make that story unique. Do some research about your fear, get to know it and go from there. It’s the curiosity of your readers that will draw them to reading the story and regretting they did so later.   

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