Literary Speaking: Short Story Collections

Writing is a lot of work, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun. Short stories have become one of my favorite pastimes over the years when I want to step away from a long format project. There are just times where a really cool idea comes to mind that doesn’t really need to be dragged out in a novel and I find it both fun and challenging to write a simple story.

What I really enjoy most of all with short story writing is that it can be about anything and that aside from connecting to the reader, it doesn’t have to be part of a bigger or more elaborate tale. Or it can be a back story to a larger story the readers are familiar with. Since you’re in familiar territory in that case, large amounts of detail like you find in a novel are not really needed.

Much of my short stories are works of fiction but every so often I like to tell a story about something that actually happened to me. It’s along the same lines as live storytelling, which I am also fond of, and enjoyable to share.

So here on this page you will find links to my short stories along with a little blurb about what you’re about to read. There is no fee to read them but all I ask is if you like them, please comment on them and let a friend know as well. Come back often as I will be adding stories periodically.





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